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Why The Deep Roots Campaign matters
Building the Next Generation Together
Space is Shrinking

Space is shrinking. Valley Fourth Memorial Church needs the scattered rooms that we’re renting for their ministry efforts. We need more space to keep making a difference here in the Inland Northwest. Imagine what we could do together if we didn’t have to use hallways for storage? Imagine if we didn’t have to designate so much administrative and staff effort to finding and preparing classroom space

Interest in The Oaks is Increasing

Interest in The Oaks is at an all time high. We’ve had more families interested in classical Christian education than we ever have, but we just can’t serve them all. The result? They want the best for their children and can’t give it to them. Parents want to give their children the tools necessary to successfully navigate a complex world without compromising the Christian faith. The new Oaks campus will provide more room to serve more families and it will provide a permanence that a rental contract cannot provide. 

A Looming Choice: Split or Move

The need for a new building is very real and very urgent. Although we have purchased portables to help supply our needs, the fix is only temporary. Our contract with Valley Fourth runs out in the year 2024. That means we’ll have to either split the school into two campuses or move the school entirely. Neither of those options are viable, which makes The Deep Roots Campaign necessary. This is not a luxury pursuit. If we’re going to keep impacting the next generation, we need a facility that can adequately meet those needs. 

Imagine United Rather Than Scattered

The Deep Roots Campaign will help us unite Christian families around a shared goal of Christian education. It will also help us unite our students under one roof. Oaks students currently learn in classrooms scattered all over the campus, from 22nd Ave over to 24th Ave, from Bowdish to Union, in six different buildings, with no center gathering point other than a gym. Imagine a new building that centralizes that learning, making it spacious, inviting, and safe. 

The new building will provide more room to serve them, providing a beautiful place where learning can thrive and relationships can flourish. 

Imagine A Haven for Christian Families

The Deep Roots Campaign will provide Christian families with a much needed place to raise their children in the ways of God. In the midst of cultural storms, parents will know that they can count on The Oaks to provide a home where God’s Word is valued and lived out.  

The future home of The Oaks will be a place where everything works together to steer the future of society by discipling little people and equipping their families for the good work God has set before them. 

If you’re interested in long term cultural change, this is the place to invest. 

We're Staying On Mission

Our graduates (including 10 National Merit Scholars) have attended over 82 different colleges in 36 different states and 5 countries around the world.

The Oaks currently serves over 360 K-12 students and more than 190 families with roots in nearly 70 area churches. That’s another reason why The Oaks is optimally situated to effectively impact the broader community and the world. 

We believe that education is always character formation, whether schools and parents are intentional about it or not.

We believe that the ultimate aim of education is to raise the next generation to think God’s thoughts after him and to love what he loves.

We believe that the classical method is the most effective way of training minds and that Scripture is central to shaping hearts. 

We’ve made it our mission to partner with parents to graduate classically educated young men and women who glorify Christ, shape culture, and shine the light of God’s truth into every endeavor of life. Ultimately, our goal is transformation, not just transfer of information.

We are in a unique position to bless, encourage, and serve both the family and the church—poised to serve by facilitating robust Christian society that can expand beyond our walls and influence the world for God’s glory. That’s an important reason why parents send their children to The Oaks.

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