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Dear Friends,

The Deep Roots Campaign was launched in April 2022 with the aim to raise $14.5M for a new facility that would advance the school’s mission to see families, students, and the broader community flourish. So far God has provided through a bond, donated labor and materials, a large grant, cash gifts, and a partnership with State Bank Northwest. What remains is just over $1M to complete the Deep Roots Campaign. Now’s the time to stand together!

Whether five dollars or fifty thousand, your gift matters. If you haven’t given to the Deep Roots Campaign yet, please prayerfully consider how you can make a difference. If you’ve already given, thank you! Would you consider stretching and giving again to help close the gap? 

Friends, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be on this journey with you. From the classroom to the stage, the sports field to the homework table, we have a great and glorious calling and mission. Thank you for your faithfulness and praise God for His kindness.

Now’s the time to stand together, pray together, and give together. Let’s get ready to watch God do far more than we could ever ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20).


The Deep Roots Campaign gives The Oaks the necessary space, staff, and funds needed to more effectively pursue the school’s mission. Counter to current societal trends, The Oaks is equipping young men and women to build culture for Christ. We’re giving them the tools to think carefully, love extravagantly, and communicate persuasively. These are the foundations for long-term generational impact and it starts by partnering with parents who desire the same things for their children. The long-term effect is generational impact. 

For over 25 years, The Oaks has partnered with parents to raise kids who are rooted in God’s Word, equipped to shape culture, and able to shine the light of God’s truth in every endeavor of life. The need for an Oaks education has never been greater. In fact, interest in The Oaks is at an all time high as families aim to give their children a Christ-centered education in a community dedicated to the formation of character, culture, and conviction. The new building allows The Oaks to further that mission.

Over the last 25 years, The Oaks has impacted students, families, and beyond. We’re on the cuspt of expanding that impact tenfold. We’re creating a new geographic center for classical Christian education, a springboard for future cultural cultivation. The Deep Roots Campaign strengthens what we’re already doing and slingshots us into some new and exciting possibilities. 

Enriching Students: Science labs, lecture hall, choral/orchestra rooms, community library, all designed to deepen the impact of a classical, Christ-centered way of life in the life and soul of children.

Anchoring Families: Community of parents, teachers, and students is at the center of The Oaks impact. Families are anchored by a space where this community can grow and flourish, where families can be nourished with resources and conferences.

Program Development: Special Needs Program, sports and arts camps, community library.

Supporting other schools: Future teacher training program, regional administrator training, site for Christian youth sports and arts, and conferences.

Building Community: Great Hall for community gathering, reading resource center for  Christian community, and a place for a classical, Christian way of life to flourish.

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Urgent constraints demand urgent solutions. The Deep Roots Campaign isn’t a luxury decision. If The Oaks is going to keep raising the next generation to seek God and serve people, we have to fully fund the new building.

But don’t let the urgency blind you to the very real opportunity we have to further The Oaks mission in ways only previously imagined. We get to make our commitments concrete, enriching families and cultivating culture for the sake of God’s glory.

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.” —Isaiah 61:3

This campaign is about funding more than just a building. It’s about building a place for community, a place where Oaks families can flourish and a place where the broader community can find hope for a better tomorrow. It’s about creating a new and important landmark for Spokane and Spokane Valley, a hub where fellowship and worship is maximized.

The new building encourages and facilitates community, a home where fellowship is actually convenient. The Great Hall is the nerve center of the whole facility (rather than a gym), a space dedicated for singing together, for enjoying special speakers, and for watching concerts and plays under great wooden beams! 

What if normal family experience included gathering at the school even on the weekend for food, fellowship, lectures, and training? In an increasingly volatile and secular culture, parents long for a school where the Bible is central, where learning still matters, and where hearts are trained to love what God loves. Families need a place where the entire family, not just the school age children, can gather to be equipped and refreshed.

Do you long for a community that embraces the whole family? The Oaks can fulfill those longings, but only with your help. Non-profit giving tends to focus on short term fixes with temporary results. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to give toward a more permanent solution to a growing need? 

You can be an important part of making that dream a reality!