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the deep roots campaign
What is The Deep Roots Campaign?

As He did for Israel in Psalm 80, God has cleared the ground and prepared us to take deep root (v. 9). The Deep Roots Campaign is a community-wide vision. We’re asking God to sink our roots deep into the soil, here in Spokane Valley, for the life of the world. It’s a commitment to dig deeper, reach further, and touch more lives than ever before. 

We’re raising funds to construct a landmark facility on eight acres in Spokane Valley that will advance our mission to see families, students, and the broader community flourish. The new building will not only make room for more students, it will also serve as a haven for Christian families and as a hub for lasting civic and cultural change in the Inland Northwest. 

May the Lord send our boughs to the sea and our branches to the river (Psalm 80:11). May He make us a shelter and a source of strength. We are The Oaks, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor (Isaiah 61:3). 

Dig Deeper

The Deep Roots Campaign will give us the space, the staff, and the funds we need to improve upon what we’re doing here at The Oaks. Counter to current societal trends, The Oaks is equipping young men and women to build culture for Christ. We’re giving them the tools to think carefully, love extravagantly, and communicate persuasively. These are the foundations of long-term generational impact. We’re also committed to restoring proven methods that will have a generational impact and we’re committed to strengthening those methods. 

Reach Further

For over 25 years, The Oaks has partnered with parents to raise kids who are rooted in God’s Word, equipped to shape culture, and energized to serve people. The need for an Oaks education has never been greater. In fact, interest in The Oaks is at an all time high as families aim to give their children a Christ-centered education in a community dedicated to the formation of character, culture, and conviction. Unfortunately, we don’t have space to serve those families. That’s another reason why we need The Deep Roots Campaign.

Increase Impact

Over the last 25 years, The Oaks has impacted students, families, and beyond. We’re on the cuspt of expanding that impact tenfold. We’re creating a new geographic center for classical Christian education, a springboard for future cultural cultivation. The Deep Roots Campaign strengthens what we’re already doing and slingshots us into some new and exciting possibilities. 

Enriching Students: Science labs, lecture hall, choral/orchestra rooms, community library, all designed to deepen the impact of a classical, Christ-centered way of life in the life and soul of children.

Anchoring Families: Community of parents, teachers, and students is at the center of The Oaks impact. Families are anchored by a space where this community can grow and flourish, where families can be nourished with resources and conferences.

Program Development: Special Needs Program, sports and arts camps, community library.

Supporting other schools: Future teacher training program, regional administrator training, site for Christian youth sports and arts, and conferences.

Building Community: Great Hall for community gathering, reading resource center for  Christian community, and a place for classical, Christian way of life to flourish.

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The Urgency

Space is Shrinking: Valley Fourth Memorial Church needs the scattered rooms that we’re renting for their ministry efforts, and we need more room to be effective. Imagine what we could accomplish if we didn’t have to designate so much administrative and staff effort to simply finding and preparing classroom space.

Split or Move: The need for a new building is real and urgent. Although we have purchased portables to help supply our needs, the fix is only temporary. Our contract with Valley Fourth runs out July 1st, 2024. That means we will have to split campus by moving the Grammar School off site or move unless we can fund this Deep Roots Campaign. If we’re going to keep impacting the next generation, we need a facility that can adequately meet those needs.

Interest in The Oaks is Increasing: Interest in The Oaks is at an all time high, but we don’t have space to meet the need. The result? Parents want to give their children the tools necessary to successfully navigate a complex world without compromising the Christian faith. The new Oaks campus will provide more room to serve more families and it will provide a permanence that a rental contract cannot provide.

The Opportunity

Urgent constraints demand urgent solutions. The Deep Roots Campaign isn’t a luxury decision. If The Oaks is going to keep raising the next generation to seek God and serve people, we have to build.

But don’t let the urgency blind you to the very real opportunity we have to further The Oaks mission in ways only previously imagined. We get to make our commitments concrete, enriching families and cultivating culture for the sake of God’s glory.

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.” —Isaiah 61:3

Why The Deep Roots Campaign Matters

This campaign is about funding more than just a building. It’s about building a place for community, a place where Oaks families can flourish and a place where the broader community can find hope for a better tomorrow. It’s about creating a new and important landmark for Spokane and Spokane Valley, a hub where fellowship and worship is maximized.

Imagine a building that encourages and facilitates community, a home where fellowship is actually convenient. Imagine a Great Hall as the nerve center of the whole facility (rather than a gym), a space dedicated for singing together, for enjoying special speakers, and for watching concerts and plays under great wooden beams! Imagine parents dropping off their children for school and then meeting in The Gathering Place for coffee by the fireplace. Imagine a vast library open to the larger community, a center for learning and the exchange of great ideas.

What if normal family experience included gathering at the school even on the weekend for food, fellowship, lectures, and training? In an increasingly volatile and secular culture, parents long for a school where the Bible is central, where learning still matters, and where hearts are trained to love what God loves. Families need a place where the entire family, not just the school age children, can gather to be equipped and refreshed.

Do you long for a community that embraces the whole family? The Oaks can fulfill those longings, but only with your help. Non-profit giving tends to focus on short term fixes with temporary results. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to give toward a more permanent solution to a growing need? 

You can be an important part of making that dream a reality!

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